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Highrise & Salesforce Integration

Context Promotions integrates with popular CRM vendors – Highrise and Salesforce to support a both-way transfer of a segmented list of contacts between the two systems via custom adapters. As part of the integration, scheduled background jobs take care of pushing back various campaign feedback updates to the respective CRM APIs in the form of notes on individual synched-up contact records. For an email campaign, individual recipient activity data is tracked end-to-end right from delivery – SENT/BOUNCE, OPEN, CLICK, UNSUBSCRIBE – to final REDEMPTION of the assigned incentive(s). The same feedback is made available to Highrise/Salesforce to enable tracking of your contact’s campaign activity and response history – right from within your CRM application!

For an enterprise already invested in a CRM, you can associate your CRM customers with promotional incentive campaigns by simply importing a tagged-customer list from your CRM system into a Context Promotions email-group. Plus, via auto-exported campaign-activity statistics you can track through your customers’ entire campaign involvement history right at their place of origin. Context Promotions automatically syncs-up the target email-group against updates on the imported CRM tag, eliminating the complexity of manually managing your lists across the two systems to keep them in sync.

Here’s a sample walkthrough of how the flow works -

  • Sync-up your Highrise/Salesforce contacts with Context Promotions

  • Associate your synched-up contacts with a Campaign

  • Track your contact’s campaign activity/response history on Highrise/Salesforce

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