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Creating QR Codes for your campaigns with Context Promotions

Context Promotions now comes with the capability to generate QR codes for your campaigns. Define your campaign and generate QR codes immediately – place them in different mediums and measure success instantly. QR codes present yet another way for you to complete the feedback loop with your target audience in a way that is immediate, fun and very easy to implement and use.

Most of you probably know about these codes or have seen them somewhere. Here’s a quick introduction: QR stand for Quick Response. Also known as 2D codes, QR codes are an ISO standard and are scanned and decoded by special readers. They are most commonly used via camera enabled smart phones. Most marketers use them on merchandize or advertising to direct their audience to a product detail website. Or they could be used to direct potential customers to videos, comparative analysis information or to get offers and coupons.

The illustration below describes a simplified flow:

QR Diagram

There’re several ways these codes can be used with Context Promotions. You could create a campaign and then place these codes on your advertising that would act as a call-to-action for your audience. For instance Dell used this strategy for a sweepstake campaign where a QR code was sent as part of paper advertisement asking people to scan it to enter the competition. A significant 25% of their respondents used the QR code to enter the campaign! More recently Aloft hotels used a similar campaign for guests to scan codes placed in different locations which allowed them to enter their name and email addresses to be entered into a sweepstakes to win a trip to an exclusive music showcase. You could easily implement a similar campaign where a QR code would provide an entry point for your target audience to give you some quick feedback or review about your product and earn a reward in the process! The immediacy and convenience of using a mobile phone helps drive adoption and ultimately makes your campaign more visible –helping you increase awareness about your business or encourage higher response rate.

Also with smartphone adoption on the rise, using QR codes as part of your outreach program will empower you to capitalize on this growing trend. Recent studies from Nielsen indicate that 28% of US mobile subscribers have smartphones and that will increase to 50% by end of 2011.

There’re many other possibilities for using QR codes:

  • Track cross media effectiveness. By placing codes on different mediums you can easily determine where a lead is generated from. It could be from your print ad, email campaign, digital advertisement, etc.
  • Place offers or coupons as QR codes on your webpage or in your email newsletters. Have your users either scan them to go to your website to complete some action or bring them in-store for a reward or discount.
  • QR codes are a great way to push users from offline to online channels. You could ask them to scan the code on print to win a reward after they complete certain action like providing product feedback or completing a survey online.

We are very excited about this new feature. QR codes are an excellent way to move your audience to online content and drive your promotional campaigns using a mobile strategy to create instant value for both you and your audience. They are a growing trend and offer one more way to reach out to your audience. We are pleased to offer them as part of our platform.

Contact us if you need additional information or help to get started with your first QR campaign!

print Print | posted on 19 January, 2011 4:03 PM by Gaurav

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